Walk around the Hakata area

Walk around the Hakata areaSometimes you have one of those moments you do not know what to do, but you do not want to stay inside. On one of these days I decided to walk around the Hakata area. I took some pictures and when it became dark we also discovered the freedom market. So here are a few pictures from my walk around the Hakata area.

Walk around the Hakata area

Sometimes when I do not know what to do I go somewhere and just try to get lost. I make the most fascinated discoveries on moments I’m lost. So that what I did.

Old Hakata

P1000491There is between Tenjin station and Hakata station a small island. Located close to canal city. There you can walk beside the water and feel a bit more the old spirit of what Fukuoka once was. This place has a kind of charm. I also walked around in Canal city and found some interesting things.

Walk around the hakata area
Plastic food, one of those things that Japan is good at
Walk around the Hakata area
The moment you decide a picture of your child can be more creepy
Walk around the Hakata area
One of the few stores I like in Canal city; The totoro store

Freedom night market

Walk around the Hakata areaWalk around the Hakata areaWhen it became dark a small market started just across canal city. Because of the rain there where not so many people, but it had it charm. A small market where you could buy something to eat. Like traditional Japanese-food or some fusion western-food. Also you could buy local and foreign beers. People where also selling there handmade creations. There was also a concert of some aspiring singers. A real relax event in the middle of Fukuoka.

This is, and was not a one time event. When the summer come closer there are going to be, once again, more freedom night markets. So if you are looking for the next date you can find this one their facebook page here.

Walk around the Hakata area
Freedom night market: free

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