Fukuoka- Tokyo

After 21 weeks I’m going to Tokyo. There I will be following school in the GenkiJacs school for my last 3 weeks in Japan. I’m going to try to see as much as possible, if my schedule let me. so here are some last pictures from fukuoka and the first one from Tokyo.

Random pictures (Fukuoka)

From just walking around in my last week I have some random pictures. They do not really have a theme so I post them as the last Fukuoka pictures.

Goodbye partiessssss (week 21)

Week 21 my last week in Fukuoka. It feels strange to leave this city after almost 5 months. In my last week I had not planned anything. Bit in the end I had like three different goodbye parties.  The first one was organized by my Japanese friends, The second by my host family and the 3 one was a GenkiJac party. So a week with different parties. Plus the really nice present of GenkiJac: 15 pages of homework (the class in Tokyo is two chapters farther then me :S)


Yukata Sunday

one of my goodbye activities was going to a Japanese garden in or yukata and drink tea. It was raining a lot (raining season) so no picture in the garden, but the the house was also very nice to see.

Ohorie Koen and a japanese river (week 20)

My last two weeks in fukuoka are weeks were I have not done a lot. I was more figuring out how I mange to get my big suitcase home, then visit more spots. So, not a lot. But is managed to got the first pictures of the nice water lelies in Ohorie koen. I also went to a river to swim there. If you read mangas you know how the rivers look in Japan look like. ^^