Kyuuto’s awesome people

Over the years a lot of people helped me in different ways. That’s why I think it is time to mention all these awesome people. They all supported me by contributing to my website and by helping me on my weaker points. And they also encourage me to do this and not to give up. Here I want to present all this awesome people.

OZNB, my website supporter

OZNB is a Dutch foundation that wants to give new and upcoming IT-techies the possibility to work with the tools they usually don’t get to use in school. They want to give IT-techies, those who are are new in the field of IT, the experience so they are ready for the work floor. They also offer web hosting support for everyone all around the world (companies, organisations and individuals) who want to have their own website.

Kyuuto's awesome people
The logo of OZNB wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for this foundation. I met the two men behind this company, Mark Lijftogt and Martijn Klamer, a long time ago (in 2007!! XD) through World of Warcraft. We became very good friends even though we don’t live in the same country. When my hobby of crocheting became too big and my plans to go to Japan became real, they gave me this website and their technical support, as a present, to go for my dreams

Trichie!! A person of everything

Kyuuto's awesome people

This is not her real name, but it is a nickname I gave this awesome person. She lives in the fabulous city of London and has a passion for computers –although this is not her real job. When I’m not able to make decisions, she always stands by my side to help me choose, even with the big distance between us. And sometimes she helps me with correcting my “strange” English texts.

Laura, my text editor

Kyuuto's awesome people
Yoooya, ‘Making plans and changing plans’

A friend I met the first time in Fukuoka in 2013. We are from the same country, but if it wasn’t for Japan we probably wouldn’t have met. Now we are good friends, with a shared interest in Japan and the language and she will also go back to Japan in 2015.

She also has an awesome blog, “Yooya in Belgium” (in a few months, Yooya in Japan ^^), a youtube channel, twitter and facebook page where you can find her. Because my writing skills are far from perfect, she tries to correct the most horrible mistakes I make in English and Dutch.

Lore, my graphic designer

Kyuuto's awesome people
Usagi-san my little mascot

Maybe you have seen my cute logo of Usagi-san in Japan. Lore is the person that made it. She is one of my closest friend since I was 14 years old; I met her when I was attending digital art school. She also loves drawing and is -in my opinion- pretty good at it. She has a DeviantArt account and a website you can visit or if you are interested you can contact her for her nice work.

She also made the new logo for this website. A logo that combines everything I love.

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