Self introduction (自己紹介)

I’m Karolien, a 29-year, young/ old, Belgian girl (Turning 30 this year, yikes). I’m originally from a village called Geel. My plans for this website is to show all my hobbies

Past and present

In 2013 I went to Japan for the first time. At first I was going for three months only, but having so much fun I decided to extend my stay for three more months. After I returned to Belgium, I started studying Japanese at the Catholic University of Leuven. Due to my impatience, I decided to go to Japan again and go on studying Japanese there. This was in 2015

This was a big adventure, especially for a average girl form a quiet village in Belgium. At the end I lived in Japan for 2 years. In 2016 I decided (Also was not able to stay any longer) to come back to Belgium.

Due to some family issues I’m now back in Belgium still have a passion with everything related to Japan that I express a lot in my hobbies like watercolour paintings and crochet.

Why this website?

I started this blog as a public dairy.  So on this blog/ website you can find a lot of my experiences that I had in Japan. But it becomes so much more. While you can still find my Japanese blogs here on the website under the category Kyuuto in Japan, the main focus is promoting my hobbies to everyone.

If you have questions about me, Japan or my hobbies do not hesitate to ask them. I’m happy to answer them in English or Dutch.

One thought on “Self introduction (自己紹介)

  1. Hallo Karolien,

    Ik vind jouw blog heel leuk! Net als jou houd ik veel van haken en breien. Ik ga in mei naar Japan samen met mijn man en mijn zoon van 10 jaar oud.
    Heb je misschien suggesties waar kan ik een workshop amigurumi volgen? en/of welke winkels zou ik kunnen bezoeken?

    Alvast hartelijk bedankt!

    Met vriendelijke groeten,

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