Owl cafe Hakata

Owl cafe HakataPeople maybe already heard of the phenomenon cat café’s in Japan. They are extremely popular, because owing a pet in Japan is not so easy. But recently they added a new concept to this, Owl cafe. It’s the same as with cat cafe’s, you pay so you can be with the owls for a certain amount of time. Like maybe some people already know, I’m a big Harry Potter fan, so I needed to see this. And luck at my side there is one on Fukuoka, So that is where I went with some friends, to the owl cafe Hakata.

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Japenglish (part 1)

It’s not a big secret that the Japanese aren’t able to speak English very well. There writing skills are not much better. They know this, but even then they have a big fascination for the English language. Therefore they try to use it all the time.  This has resulted in a total new language: Japenglish!

Het Engels niveau -of het gebrek ervan- van de gemiddelde Japanner is niet direct een groot geheim. Maar op het zelfde moment zijn ze zo extreem gefascineerd door het Engels dat ze het overal proberen toe te passen. Dit heeft geresulteerd in een totaal nieuwe taal: Japanglish!

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Study Japanese with ‘popin cookin’

Study Japanese with 'popin cookin'

Nice weather, yeah ^^

Finally it’s nice weather. After a cold, rainy spring the thermometer shows more than 20 degrees Celcius (68°F). But unfortunately the exams started for me. In the meantime I have already finished my first exam week. And most of the Japanese exams are already finished (grammar, reading, kanji, essay, video and listening). I found a nice way to relax a bit between all the studying and still do something with Japanese. I made a ‘popin cookin’ set. The best way to study Japanese.

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