Japanese study books: Where to buy?

Finally!! I Virtually discussed briefly all my books. So what does this mean? This is the last post in this series about Japanese textbooks. On some subjects I have to many books and on other topics I can Maybe use some more books. Conclusion I can’t take all these books with me. I already reach my limit on my luggage’s weight. So which books di I take me to Japan? In part 7, Japanese study books: where to buy?

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Japanese study books: Grammar

“Japanese sentences are
in no way familiar
with any English
or Dutch
structure of sentences”

Now you mastered kana you can start with learning your first Japanese grammar. This is really necessary, because Japanese sentences are in no way similar with any English or Dutch structure of sentences. That is also the reason translating with google translate make no sense what ever. So in Today’s post (Part 2) I will talk about Japanese study books: Grammar.

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