Seaside Momochi and hima matsuri

This week I have done a bit more then the other weeks. On monday the weather was so good that Eva and me decide to walk to the beach. It is a  four km walk. But the sun was so nice we took the challenge. The beach really nice to see. Close to the beach is also  Fukuoka Tower and the Yahoo Doom. From today on there will be played the first round of the worldcup baseball. (and guess what?  ………….    I got a ticket to go see a match on march fith, THANK YOU GENKIJAC ^^, China vs Brazil)

This week it is also Himamatsuri, This is the girls festival. All girls give food to there dolls, so that these dolls protect the girl when she grows up. In school we made or own doll drawingg. We decided on a Pokémon themed one.

For the rest there are some random pictures of strange thing I found this week when walking around in Fukuoka

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