Honor your ancestors

Honor your ancestors

A day of tradition

Friday, August 14 it was the second day of the Obon festival. On the internet I discovered that the Gokoku temple organized a special event to the ancestors and to honour the fallen soldiers. But because it started late in the evening, we first did a few other things. But the main point is Honor your ancestors 

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Tanabata matsuri

This week we celebrate Tanabata matsuri. On this festival people write their wish on a paper and hang it on a bamboo tree, in the hope the wish comes true.

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Bus trip to Takachiko, Miyazaki

The last holiday of golden week was monday, may six. After three hours we arrived in Iso-farmland. This was the biggest dissapointmend I had so far. It was a farm/shopping mall were you needed to pay for everything. I only ttook two pictures.

After that we went to Kirishima national park. It is a beautiful place with a lot of waterfalls. But because we came so late there were so many people that you would almost think you are in a big city. We were only alowed to be there for 40 min, such a shame.

After that we went quick to Miyazaki. This shrine dedicated to the shintoism. hides a cave were the sun goddess hide for a while to be save from here cruel brother.

No pictures were allow of the cave. but is was a really nice place to visit.

Hakata Dontaku Festival

A other big event in Golden week is Dontaku. The name Dontaku comes from the dutch word ‘Zondag’ and means ‘sunday’ or ‘holiday’. It just basicly means that people dress themself up in strange cloths and the parade true the streets of Hakata. This festival is more then 800 years old. Every year more then 2 million people come to Hakata to see this big parade, that takes up more then 5 hours in total.  at the end I had more then 2000 pic. I deleted a lot of them but I still have a bunch.