Beppu hot springs and Takasakiyama Monkey Park

This was the first day of Golden week. Japanese people do not really like to take vacation, So I think they have decide to put them all in one week; ‘Golden Week’.

With GenkiJac we went to Beppu. Here we first visit some warm water springs. Really the smell was just what you would think of it: rotten eggs. I was not really in the mood for eggs anymore afther that XD. We even were able to put or feet in the warm water. This was a real challenge for a lot of peple.

Afther the warm water spring we went to Umitamago aquarium. It was nice to see. but I prefer the Belgiums ones. (taking care of animals is a little different compared with Europe.) After the aquarium we went to Takasakiyama Monkey park. It is just a big mountain were a lot of monkeys are.  It was really nice to see I have take a lot of pictures. XD maybe a bit to much.

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