Week 9: Totaly nothing

Week 9 was one of the most useless weeks Xd. I was so burned from the weekend that I needed to rest. I think I had a sun stroke. My head was so red, even on the top. I never had that before in my life. So I went to school and stayed inside to avoid the sun.

In between I visit the Rilakuma store. Here you can even buy a vacuum cleaner. On saterday I had a ‘date’ with a language exchange partner. It was a great shopping day, Sadly the weather was so bad on saterday (rain,rain,rain, ….)

Week 2: Random pictures and Kego Shrine

The rest of the second week was a bit more relaxed than the trip to Nagasaki. Most of the pictures are therefore random stuff.

On Sunday I decided to go to Tenjin. (the central area of Fukuoka) I went there just to walk around to see if I could find interesting places. I also discoverd my first shrine: Kego Shrine.  Every shrine got a different purpose. This one stands for the god of Childbirth.