Goodbye partiessssss (week 21)

Week 21 my last week in Fukuoka. It feels strange to leave this city after almost 5 months. In my last week I had not planned anything. Bit in the end I had like three different goodbye parties.  The first one was organized by my Japanese friends, The second by my host family and the 3 one was a GenkiJac party. So a week with different parties. Plus the really nice present of GenkiJac: 15 pages of homework (the class in Tokyo is two chapters farther then me :S)


Undokai (week 16)

A tradition in school here is to hold a Undokai, (undo, comes from the verb, to exercises). It is one day in the weekend that the  school competed in sport games;Running, dancing, ……  It was really nice to see. But the weather was a real killer. 32 degree, and the children needed to sit outside in the sun with this weather.

Korea Busan

To extend my stay for 3 more months in Japan the rule is that you need to go out of the country. So I did this. i went for a very short weekend to Busan, South Korea. I went with the Beedle. A strange ferry that makes the sound like you are in a plane. After 3 hours I arrived in Busan.

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Week 8: The weekend

Even the weekend is all about sakura. On saterday there was a Genkijac sakura party. It was a nice way to meet new people.

On sunday there was a festival. this was for celebrating the last day of the sakura. On the picture you can see that it started to snow sakura flowers XD.

Week 7: the weekend

The weekend of week 7 was full. On Saturday I had again free tickets to go to a baseball game. This time there were more people. The places were cheap so you could hardly see anything, but it was so much more fun then the last time.
Ad the evening we celebrated Rin-chan here birthday because on sunday there was the Hanami Party. My very first BBQ party with sakura flowers. I was allowed to invite a few friends from school. Some other friend of the family came. It was so much fun.

Axel was populair, he became the sakura blossom king. XD