Honor your ancestors

Honor your ancestors

A day of tradition

Friday, August 14 it was the second day of the Obon festival. On the internet I discovered that the Gokoku temple organized a special event to the ancestors and to honour the fallen soldiers. But because it started late in the evening, we first did a few other things. But the main point is Honor your ancestors 

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on march 20, there is a holiday in Japan, spring day. We went with the school that day to Kumamoto. You maybe now the bear with the same name, that is the mascot of it.

We fist went to a mountian. but it was so misty that we did not see anything. The trip was with  the english-school. So we had a nice group of people that could guide us. After the lunch we went to a Japanese garden. The weather was not great but it was nice to see my second garden here. The other one I saw earlyer this week.

The last stop was at Kumamoto castle. Fukuoka had also a castle like that but it was burned down. The outside was beautiful. The inside was ruined, because they wanted to make it modern.

But even though the weather was bad, it was a great day. I met a lot of new people and it was fun. Next time better weather.