Week 10-11

The last weeks of my first three months stay in Japan were pretty quit. Most of my energy went to organizing my extend stay. (Because some organisation in Belgium have a bit a lack in communication.) So except I went to a baseball match, my thirth time for free.

There was also a festival in the international school. Strangely when I came home I saw that I did not take any pictures XD. maybe the bad weather ruined my mood here a bit.

The other pictures are random thing. a goodbye of a genkijacs friend again, some childhood memories when I was in a toyshop. and some strange building I found when I was walking around in Fukuoka. O I almost forgot to mention. The were looking for western people to play in the movie of black butler. Sadly I could not join because I needed to go to Korean :(.

Week 7: the weekend

The weekend of week 7 was full. On Saturday I had again free tickets to go to a baseball game. This time there were more people. The places were cheap so you could hardly see anything, but it was so much more fun then the last time.
Ad the evening we celebrated Rin-chan here birthday because on sunday there was the Hanami Party. My very first BBQ party with sakura flowers. I was allowed to invite a few friends from school. Some other friend of the family came. It was so much fun.

Axel was populair, he became the sakura blossom king. XD

Worldcup baseball (Brazil vs. China)

GenkiJacs (The school i’m going to atm) had four free tickets to go to a match of the worldcup baseball. I never seen a match before, so I decided to go. It was Brazil against China. it was not a populair match because the teams that were going to the next round were already decided. So there were almost no people.

But still we had a lot of fun. It was a slow match, even after 3 hours it was still not finished. Se we decided to leave early. But at the end China won with 5-2.  This match was a nice introduction in baseball.